Holistic Therapies with Helen

To book these therapies please contact Helen Shortland on 07748 591690 or email her at helenshortland@live.co.uk

Reiki Healing        £37    1¼ hrs

Reiki is a form of hands-on, spiritual healing which boosts energy levels and restores balance and harmony on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.  It promotes the healing process within the physical body, provides relief from a wide variety of physical ailments, calms and balances emotionally and mentally, helps lift depression and relieves symptoms of stress.  Includes spiritual healing techniques to clear the aura and release blockages held in the body on a physical level (manifesting as aches, pains, injury or illness) or on a mental/emotional level.

Angelic Reiki        £32     1 hr

A high vibration healing method working with the highest beings of the Angelic Realm to bring about healing on all levels to balance the whole person and address causes of symptoms.  Consciousness can be raised through a download of soul energy.  Angelic Reiki gives a sense of being nurtured and protected. It helps you move forward in life and release situations from the past you have outgrown.  Session includes consultation, short angel card reading and treatment.

Spiritual Energy Healing      £30      45 mins

A seated half hour treatment working with the Entities of Light who manipulate the energy body to release energy blocks (mental/emotional and physical), clear all forms of negative energy and bring in the healing that is required. The client is helped to release whatever is no longer serving their highest good and deep shifts can often take place at a soul level. Can include cord cutting if needed.

Crystal Healing       £30    Approx 45 mins

Using crystals to rebalance your body and energy field and strengthen any weak/unbalanced chakras. Crystals are chosen for each chakra and to address individual concerns. Includes Pendulum Healing to release blocked or negative energy.

Reflexology        £32         1 hr

A massage to the reflex points on the feet to promote healing in the physical body by releasing blockages in order to heal imbalances, improve circulation, ease pain and tension and promote detoxification.  Beneficial for headaches, sinusitis, digestive problems, back pain, hormonal imbalance, circulatory problems, stress and for maintaining good health.

Indian Head Massage        £27      40 mins

A relaxing, therapeutic massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.  Beneficial for tense neck and shoulders, relieves tension headaches. Helps with sinusitis, anxiety, nervous disorders. Includes facial massage to promote sinus and lymph drainage.

Hopi Ear Candles        £32      1hr

Beneficial for many problems related to the ear and head, eg. tinnitus, sinusitis, rhinitis, glue-ear, excess or compacted wax, colds, sinus headaches. Regulates pressure and balances fluids in the inner ear. Includes facial massage to promote sinus and lymph drainage.

Vitality Lift Facial Massage        £20      ½ hr 

Using rose or eucalyptus oil blends. Improves health, vitality and skin tone by stimulating the nerve endings and acupressure points in the face to help the glands and organs function more efficiently.  Can improve elimination, digestion and hormonal balance. Core facial muscles are stimulated to lift, firm and tone skin. 

Foot Massage        £20      ½ hr

Boosts circulation, eases tension, relieves aching feet.

Angel Therapy       £32   1 hr

Connect with your angels for healing and guidance, release negative emotions and assist with personal development. Includes a short angel card reading and an angel energy healing technique to release negative emotions. Crystals are then applied to the chakras corresponding to 7 of the major Archangels while I talk you through a guided meditation to the angelic realm for healing and guidance.

Faery Reiki          £32     1 hr

Helps to cleanse and release negative emotions (Water), connect you to your higher self for inspiration (Air), release negative karma and aid manifesting of dreams/goals (Fire), provide grounding, balance and stability (Earth) and helps release doubt, fear and anger (Ether/Spirit). Includes short Fairy Oracle card reading.

Intuitive Readings   £25 35-40 mins / £15 15-20 mins

In my readings I connect with my spirit guides and angels and sometimes your loved ones in spirit to bring through messages of guidance and insight into a current situation. Readings include tarot or angel cards.

*Discount Offer*

Take 2 different ½ hour treatments of Reiki, Reflexology, Neck/Shoulder Massage, Foot Massage or Vitality Lift Facial Massage for £32 or 3 x ½ hr treatments for £45! (Individual ½ hr treatments £20.)