Hair Removal

Waxing is a form of hair removal which removes the hair from the root. People that wax on a regular basis have noticed the hair grows back thinner or in some cases not at all. Waxing can be performed on almost any area of the body.

Using soft strip wax and sugar wax the wax is spread onto the area of the body and removed quickly and firmly using a fabric strip.  Soft wax is used for large areas such as the legs and arms while we only use sugar wax for intimate waxing and sensitive areas such as the face and underarms.

Sugar wax is a natural method of hair removal made up of sugar, lemon and  water, it attaches to the hair only and not the skin meaning there is no skin irritation after treatment. It grabs even the tiniest of hairs giving a cleaner and smoother finish. 

Please ensure that there is sufficient growth of 3-4 weeks before coming to your appointment.


Full leg wax – £28
1/2 leg wax – £19
Under arm wax – £10
Eyebrow wax – £10
Lip Wax – £5
Face wax – £14
Forearm wax – £17
Full arm wax – £20
Standard Bikini wax – £14
Brazilian Bikini wax – £29
Hollywood Bikini wax – £34


Full leg and Standard Bikini wax – £36.50
Full leg and Brazilian Bikini wax – £49.00
Full leg and Hollywood Bikini wax – £54.00


Back wax (includes shoulders) – £29
Chest wax (includes stomach) – £29
Full leg wax – £32
Ears and nose wax – £10
Eyebrow wax – £10