Gel Overlays & Enhancements

Organic, chip free and lasting up to 3 weeks Calgel is perfect for holidays or day to day living. It is low maintenance and no drying time is needed! You can walk out the salon immediately after your treatment and there is no worry of smudging.  Pick from colour, french or a clear finish. These are natural Overlays over the natural nail. Our nail enhancements are full coverage tips with no blending required. Designed to last 3+ weeks depending on your life style.

Calgel Overlays – BOOK ONLINE NOW

Calgel Overlays on hands – £30
Calgel Overlays on feet – £30

Nail Enhancements with Calgel finish – £40

please note that there is an extra charge of £5 for French tips.

Ink London gel polish is our alternative to Calgel. This is your 10 day manicure polish perfect if you just want nice nails for a holiday or special occasion. With a wide range of colours you will be spoilt for choice.  

Ink London Gel Polish – BOOK ONLINE NOW

Gel Polish Mini Manicure – £22

Gel Polish Full Manicure – £29

Gel Polish Luxury Manicure – £34

Gel Polish Mini Pedicure – £22

Gel Polish Full Pedicure – £31

Gel Polish Luxury Pedicure – £37

Please note that there is an extra charge of £5 for french tips.

There is a £10 soak off charge to soak off Calgel and Ink London gel polish.