At home mini facial

With us all staying in during this unpredictable time it’s important to maintain a good skincare routine. All you need is a few of your at home products, cotton wool and maybe a flannel or mitts if you have them. I’m going to take you through a step by step guide to caring for your skin at home.

Step 1. Using your Cleanser start by cleansing all over the face. Really get in to around the creases of the nose and chin area and around the ears. Do this for a few minutes and then rinse with your mitts of flannel. Repeat this again for your second cleanse and then tone with your damp cotton wool pads and your toning solution. You can apply a small amount of toner onto the damp cotton wool pads and wipe all over the face.

Step 2. Now, were going to exfoliate. This can be done up to twice a week. Not everyday as this will make the skin extra sensitive. Apply a small amount of exfoliator in your hand and apply all over the face. You want to give this a really good rub over the skin and again in the creases of the nose, chin and around the ears. After a few minutes rinse with your flannel or mitts. You might want to rinse twice to remove all the beads.

Step 3. Mask. Now the skin is clean and exfoliated we can apply the mask. Take a good amount of mask into your hands and again apply all over the face. You want to rub this in but leave a layer so that the skin can soak it in and take what it needs. Masks normally stay on for around 10 minutes but if you wanted to leave it on longer while you do a job it’s totally fine! After around 10 minutes rinse this off with your flannel or mitts and then we are going to tone again. So with your damp cotton pads take a small amount of toner on the pads and wipe all over the face.

Step 4. It’s now time for Eye cream. A very small pea sized amount is all that is needed here. Dab this under the eye on the soft skin and also take it around the eye lids. You can use circular motions and gentle dabbing to apply the Eye cream.

Step 5. Moisturise. Using your daily moisturiser use a small amount and apply all over the face. You don’t want your moisturiser to sit on the skin, if this happens you’ve likely applied too much. You just want enough to soak into the skin all over. Here I like to use a tapping motion with fingertips all over the face to pat it in.

Your finished! See that was easy wasn’t it! You can do this routine once a week to keep your skin at its best until you can visit the salon once again for your regular treatment. It’s important to remember cleansing, toning and moisturising should be done daily but this routine with the added extras can be done once a week. Stay safe everyone. X