The “Eye Package”

Good morning! Its been a while since i posted as i have been busy with my new business. But today i want to talk you through the Eye Package treatment i offer and why I think its every womans must have treatment.

So the Eye Package consists of an Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint and an Eyebrow wax/shape. The three treatments here are important on their own but together they can change the way you look with minimum effort. Lets talk about them individually.

The Eyelash Tint. This is a tint that we cover the lashes with normally we use a blue/black tint which sounds scary! its not. it is NOT blue!! blue/black is a darker version of black thats all. So this sits on the eye lashes for around 10 to 12 mins depending how dark the natural lashes are. We then take it off with damp cotton pads and you have darker thicker looking lashes instantly! This is perfect if you do not like wearing mascara or if your off on holiday. Many of my clients have had this treatment as a one off and became addicted.

The Eyebrow tint. This is probably one of favorite treatments! This makes your eyebrows  instantly thicker and more defined. Done in the same way as the eyelash tint, Tint is applied all over the brow for a probably no more than a minute and then wiped off. This is repeated if necessary. It gives the brows more of a defined look and brings out the shape.

The Eyebrow wax. A every womans must have!! A good eyebrow shape is a necessity. This can completely change the shape of your face. Waxing is better than just plucking because you can pick up all the small fine hairs that tweezers sometimes can’t grab onto. Again giving you a more defined look.

These three treatments put together can completely change your face. Perfect for people who do not wear much make up, holidays or just to make your day to day regime easier. Probably one the most popular treatments we do at Regent Beauty. People are often abit apprehensive about having tints around there eyes but i can honestly say they are harmless. We always do a patch test for your first treatment to make sure you are not allergic.

Thank you all for reading and i hope its cleared up a few concerns of the treatment.